Melanie Jensen


Graphic Designer. Illustrator. Conceptualizer


Infographics . User Scenario. Concept Development

Whilst studying an Academy Professional Degree (AP) in Multimedia Design and Communication, and a Top-up Bachelor Degree (BA) in Digital Concept Development at Bi5 (KEA), we worked in teams alongside many different Danish companies to produce and develop different concept solutions. Here are a few of our solutions. Please click on the images to see a larger image.



This Project was about AthGene's clients receiving their gene percentages, and lots of scientific information, and the clients not understanding the information given. AthGene also wanted to grow their client base.


Our solution was to create simple infographics that would visually show the clients results in an easy way that everyone could understand. And to add Social Media links for easy sharing with family and friends.


  • The infographic image is associated with the title of the results.
  • The ruler shows green for good results and red for bad results
  • The ruler arrow shows if the results are low or high.
  • The social media 'share buttons' is to share the results with the client's family and friends.

User Scenario


This Project was about Timm Vladimirs Køkken trying to get more return customers and to keep the current customer in 'their universe'.


Our Solution was to come up with a User Scenario that involved an App, a 50% discount on a return booking if they brought a friend, and the recipe of what the customer cooked the night of the event in the App.


User Scenario ...

  • Jeppe goes to Timm Vladimirs Køkken with his workplace for their Summer Party. At the end of the night, the instructor finishes up the evening in the lounge area where the introductions were made, by thanking them for the evening and telling them about the App that they could download.
  • Jeppe downloads the app to see the recipes of the food he has made that night, he see's that there are upcoming events, a calendar to keep track of when the events are on (that he can sync with his google calendar), and a 50% off digital gift card to use on a return visit if he brings a friend along.
  • Jeppe would love to try and make the same dish that he made at the Summer party, so he goes into the app and uses the recipe. He remembers what a great time he had that night.
  • Jeppe looks at the upcoming events and see's that there is a pizza making course coming up and he might like to go with someone from work.
  • At work the next day, he shows Anne the upcoming course on the app and asks if she would like to go along with him ... on a date! She says yes.
  • Jeppe and Anne enjoy their pizza making course, and had a wonderful first date! 'This will be one to post on Facebook and Instagram', Anne tells Jeppe with a wink.



This Project was about what was missing from the Zoo in Copenhagen. What we found, was that they were missing a quiet resting area for children to calm down, and for parents to have a rest.


So our team created 'The Storybook Room'. This indoor room is painted in jungle surroundings, with a starry night sky and fire flies (fairy lights).


  • In the middle will be a handmade tree with vines around it and jungle animals in it.
  • There will be comfortable lounging chairs for parents and their children to sit together and read.
  • There will be soft carpet grass and bean bags for the children to lie down or sit down and read.
  • There will be book shelves with books to borrow and read.
  • The temperature will be controlled - not too hot, not too cold
  • There will be soft relaxing noises of the forrest, the wind blowing through the leaves.



Academy Professional Degree (AP) in Multimedia Design and Communication Graduate from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA). Currently studying a Top-up Bachelor Degree (BA) in Digital Concept Development at Bi5 (KEA). I have a background in Illustrations, Graphic Design and Photography. My strongest skills are in hand sketching/ drawing, Illustrator and Photoshop. I am also interested in Ideation, Concept Development and Layout Design.

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